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Temario revistas Fertility
The no-man’s land of nontubal ectopic and cesarean section scar pregnancies
Nontubal ectopic pregnancies: overview of diagnosis and treatment
Cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy: nuances in diagnosis and treatment
Planned oocyte cryopreservation: to thaw or not to thaw
Elevated serum progesterone levels before frozen embryo transfer do not negatively impact reproductive outcomes: a large retrospective cohort study
Bologna vs. POSEIDON criteria as predictors of the likelihood of obtaining at least one euploid embryo in poor ovarian response: an analysis of 6,889 cycles
The promise and peril of using a large language model to obtain clinical information: ChatGPT performs strongly as a fertility counseling tool with limitations
Reflections-Taking AIm at medical misinformation
A North American study of anthropometric factors and semen quality
Adverse obstetric and perinatal outcomes of patients with history of recurrent miscarriage: a retrospective cohort study
Reflections-Placental dysfunction, abnormal placentation, and recurrent miscarriages: Is there a common etiology?
Environmental exposure to industrial air pollution is associated with decreased male fertility
Reflections-Nowhere to hide. from endocrine- disrupting chemical exposures
Preconception use of antibiotics and fecundability: a Danish prospective cohort study
Reflections-Preconception antibiotic use and decreased fecundability: confounding by indication?
Methotrexate use among mendassociation with fertility and the perinatal health of their children: a Swedish nationwide register study
Reflections-Methotrexate and fatherhood: What’s the risk?
Oral vinorelbine to treat women with ectopic pregnancy: a phase 1 clinical safety and tolerability study
Reflections-Magic bullet or simply nice to have: safety and tolerability of oral vinorelbine for ectopic pregnancy
Impact factor bias in randomized controlled trials in reproductive medicine
Laparoscopic oocyte retrieval for fertility preservation in a patient with squamous cell carcinoma of the vagina
Gut dysbiosis-derived b-glucuronidase promotes the development of endometriosis
Robotic management of isolated endometriosis of sciatic nerve: a reproducible approach that can guide through the labyrinth of pelvic neuroanatomy

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